Zuzu Mini App

Controlling Methods #

Zuzu Mini can be controlled either through Android App or through your own program. In this document we are focusing on how one can use the Zuzu Mini android app to control the robot.

App Description #

  1. Menu : When we touch on Menu option, It shows main app navigation as below

2. Start/Stop Button :

Long hold of start button connects the Zuzu Robot automatically and start button turns green when the Zuzu mini is connected( Zuzu Mini should be paired and at least connected once during one time setup)

When Zuzu Mini is connected Start Button changed to Stop Button which can be used to disconnect the robot.

If Zuzu Mini is not turned on or not paired

Double tap of start button opens the paired zuzu mini list.( We can pair more than one zuzu mini with our app.)

3. Height Change : Up and Down Buttons can be used to change robot’s height easily.

4. Auto Stable : When auto stable feature turned on, robot can make itself stable during walk and different postures.

6. Setting Mode : On touching the setting button below options appears. Motor Calibration and Connectivity.

Motor Calibration opens the motors configuration screen where we can set or test individual motor’s angle.

7. Right Joystick : Right joystick is used to control the robot’s movement. It control’s omnidirectional movements of robot.

8. Left Joystick : Left joystick provides manual control of roll and pitch of robot.

9. Walk Modes : This control changes the walking modes(gaits) of robot. Zuzu Mini comes with cat walk(slow walk) gait, and trot walk gaits.

10. Robot Functions : Right side of remote app has some common functions. All functions can be accessed from button name “All …” . Bark, Trot, Standup, Sit down, Pushups, Rotate Cog, Stretch, Front Kick, Shake Hand, Back Kick etc can be accessed from all functions. User can also make new functions through programming in Extended Functions.