Zuzu Mini Overview

Overview #

Zuzu Mini is a desktop size mini robotic dog for learning and entertainment. Zuzu Mini can mimic a real life dog. It can walk, crawl, run, sit down, stand up, bark and show emotions. Zuzu Mini can be programmed further using its serial API to create even more useful behaviors. It can be programmed with programming language of your choice.

Features #

Highlights #

Flexible & Agile Futuristic Robot

Advanced motion gait planning with omnidirectional motion control mechanism

6 DOF Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) based stable postures and advanced dynamic stabilization.

Programming support via serial(UART) API

Arduino, Python, Visual Programming based open source application code

Technical Specification #

Robot ControllerOrange Controller V 1.0
Programming SupportSerial based API
Dimension230 mm x 165 mm x 80 mm
Weight450 gram
Motors3.5 kg-cm
Battery3.7 V Li-ion Two Cells 3500 MAH
ConnectivityBluetooth ( App control), UART( API Control)
IMU6 Axis
Charger9 Volt
Speaker2 Watt
Display0.96 inch OLED
Indicators4 LEDs
Run Time1 hour approximately

Orange Controller V 1.0 #

Input Voltage6.5 – 12 Volt
InterfaceI2C OLED x 1
I2C Portyes
IMUMPU6050 or compatible
Servo ControlPWM
Speaker PortYES
Power ManagementOnboard
Led Ports4
ControllerESP32 based